Strange issue using CABext with SCSF Drop 10

May 8, 2007 at 10:20 AM

I have a strange issue with a very simple sample I'm trying to implement. Perhaps this is not OutlookBarWorkspace's problem.

I created a new smart client application using Drop 10 and tick off that I want to seporate a layout to a dedicated module. So I got here additional Infrastructure.Layout module and the entire solution compiles and works well - that's ok. Then I added one more Workspace to ShellLayoutView (actually it's OutlookBarWorkspace from CAB Extensions published on Codeplex recently). I gave it a name using WorkspaceNames in Infrastructure.Interface.

After that I have ModuleLoadException on loading when I run this sample -
"Failed to load module from assembly Infrastructure.Layout.dll
Error was: Value cannot be null, Parameter name: id"

I didn't make any change to profile xml.

Finally I've tried the same thing from scratch again creating the new solution but just without Layout module. I added the third workspace to ShellForm and in this case the sample works well.

Also I tried to recompile the Quickstart sample from CABext using CAB libraries from SCSF Drop 10 and EntLib 3.0 and in fact it works.
So I'm a bit disappointed having no idea from where this issue comes.

I will really appreciate any thoughts regarding this issue.

Leonid Shirmanov